Newark Air Museum

Discover the secrets of Newark Air Museum on the former World War II airfield of Winthorpe. It’s a little slice of a huge chapter in history.

Tour 4 covered display areas housing a diverse collection of 76 aircraft and cockpits, covering the history of aviation. The gems on display vary from 30 aero-engines to 18 noteworthy aircrafts as listed in the National Aviation Heritage Register. An aircraft fanatics dream!

Even if you are not experts on the subject, the family will love getting hands on with the exhibits and imagining themselves soaring through the air with the greatest of ease! In addition to model aeroplanes and memorabilia, the large museum shop has plenty to tempt our youngest visitors and a schedule of special events.


National Civil War Centre, Newark

Experience life in the 17th Century; the National Civil War Centre will send you right back in time with loads of interactive exhibits.

The HD cinema is definitely the place to start if you’re looking to bring the era to life. Then jump into Civil War costumes and take a unique family photo from your time travelling adventure. Let the children explore the museum through exciting trails where the whole family get to take Prince Rupert’s dog on a walk and also become part of the Royal Cavalry!

Newark’s Civil War history spills out of the museum and threads through the streets of the town with the National Civil War Trail. The trail starts at the Centre and takes in Newark Castle, St Mary Magdalene Church and the historic Queen’s Sconce, an amazing sight and one of the last of its kind in the UK.

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The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, Laxton

The Holocaust Centre provides a moving experience that gives children the chance to learn about the Holocaust and other genocide in the 20th century. This would be an especially valuable experience for children of school age who are covering this subject in their lessons.

The Holocaust exhibition has been designed with younger people in mind as about 60% of visitors are under 16 years of age. It aims to tell the story of Jewish life in Europe, the development of National Socialism and explain how the Nazis rose to power.
There are 2 galleries describing the Nazi occupation of Europe, the first focuses on Ghettos and Concentration Camps, while the other explains the difficulties experienced by survivors of the Holocaust.

Outside the main building are the beautifully landscaped Memorial Gardens, which provide a space to reflect on what you have seen at the Centre while surrounded by living and growing things.


Creswell Crags, Worksop

Creswell Crags is an ancient limestone gorge honeycombed with intriguing caves and smaller fissures. Cool stone tools and remains of animals found in the caves by archaeologists offer evidence covering the last Ice Age over 10,000 years ago! This is also the location of Britain’s only known Ice Age rock art!

You can have a tour of the Robin Hood Cave the biggest and best! Alternatively you might prefer the Rock Art Tour. Unfortunately due to health and safety under 5s can not visit the caves.

You can find the museum and education centre at the east end of the gorge, where you can enjoy the state of the art interactive audio visual displays in The Ice Age Exhibition!

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Green’s Mill and Science Centre, Nottingham

At Green’s Windmill and Science Centre experiment with light, electricity and magnetism in the footsteps of mathematical physicist George Green (1793 to 1841) and learn about his life’s work and achievements in this tribute to one of Britain’s most undersold geniuses.

Not the perfect role model for the children he actually left school at 10 years old, but in later life his self-taught mathematics led him to create several significant theorems which are still in use today!

There are lots of seasonal craft and cookery sessions held here throughout the year worth watching out for. Plus as a more practical souvenir than usual you can pick up a bag of their Organic Food award winning flour!



National Justice Museum, Nottingham

Explore the fascinating history of the justice system at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. Discover original courtrooms, dungeons and prison cells, plus lots of fun interactive exhibits.

Meet some of history’s famous prisoners, lurking around the museum. Stop for a chat and hear the captivating stories of their crimes and the punishment which followed.

The National Justice Museum aims to inspire the younger generation by giving them the opportunity to learn how the justice system works.


Nottingham Industrial Museum, Wollaton Hall

Nottingham has been at the heart of major trade for hundreds of years, something The Nottingham Industrial Museum celebrates with five fantastic exhibits.

The museum is housed in a 17th-century stable block and is stuffed with intriguing artefacts based on textiles, transport, communication, mining and power. The Steam exhibit boasts an original Thomas Humber Bicycle, while the Textile Gallery shows off ancient machines which were used to mass produce lace and cotton.

The Transport exhibit will then take you back in time with two 17th century carriages and a Brough Superior car – of which only 4 were ever made! In the Telecommunications Gallery you can use a model spark transmitter, and have a go at Morse code.

On the last Sunday of the month, the museum holds a ‘Steaming Day’ where you can get up close to a selection of running engines – perfect for fans of Thomas the Tank Engine!

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