Top 6 hacks to achieving an online business mindset

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Diary of an Internet Pretender continued

Since beginning my journey in the online world I have had to learn many new skills one of the trickiest is the ‘mindset’. It is very different from a ‘normal 9-5 pm’ job. The way you need to think about your goals and achievements, money, and people need to be fixed. This will help you to direct your efforts into the right areas of the business. Beginning an online business per se isn’t too hard but it’s the running of it that is the challenge.

Even if you intend to start your online business as a secondary income stream, you will still need to adapt your mindset. How can you adapt your mindset? There are plenty of personal development resources online some of the most popular ones in relation to online business include:

The Genie Script

The Abundance Mindset

Mindpower Mastery

Let’s get into the hacks that need to be conquered for online success.

  1. Be ready to take a risk: Probably the very first step- even thinking about building an online business is a risk. You do not necessarily need a large amount of funding to start out online. However, having a plan will help to avoid procrastination and help you to feel confident in taking calculated risks. Calculate carefully but do not think too long before taking the action. What matters in your online business is action, not the thinking.
  2. Positive Thinking: It is crucial that you stay positive whatever is thrown at you! Don’t think of difficulties as problems- think of them as challenges. Don’t see the problem, look for the solution. There are plenty of paid-for and free resources on the internet that can help. This resource for a mere $7, from Legendary Marketer, has a great introduction to everything and amazing support from your designated mentor. The initial course has 15 lessons and within that time you and your mentor hook up at least 3 times! If the technology is not a strong point INVEST in yourself by purchasing a program. There is no point in struggling, wasting time and money only to give up.
  3. Patience: Online business is not easy. You may well be sold on the adverts that you see where those who work online have flash cars, houses and holidays. But, this does not happen overnight- there have been months of hard work building the business and increasing the traffic. This all takes time so try not to put too much pressure on yourself or you may well lose interest.
  4. Do not think like a consumer: Think about your spending- will your purchase help you grow the business?
  5. Consistency: Whatever needs doing to help grow the business you need to do it consistently. Send out your newsletter, product listing etc. If you stay consistent customers will stick with you because you are reliable. This is how the business will grow.
  6. Networking: Try to find like-minded people- doing the same thing as you. Join Facebook Groups and stay connected. These ‘meetings’ will get you more ideas and connect you to more people/customers.

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