Free Homeschooling Curriculum

There are a number of homeschooling curriculums out there for you to try. Many are either completely free or offer free trials. This is a great option as it saves spending lots of money on something which may not work for you and your child! However, it is not necessary to follow a curriculum at all!

Here's a list of some of the most popular curriculums. Many of these sites are American and therfore based on their education system- but they still contain many resources and ideas that are relevant to the UK system- and can be a good place to start whilst you become more confident.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online is a free home school curriculum designed closely to the curriculum Charlotte Mason used. The curriculum uses as many free online books as possible, and this is free to use this information and join the support group.

Mater Amabilis

Mater Amabilis is a Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics, covering pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade (ages 4-14).

Easy Peasy

This is a completely free Christian home school curriculum.

Online Public Schools

Most US states offer some type of online public school courses to resident students. Some states offer full online high school diploma programs, while others offer a limited number of virtual courses.


Here you can find online courses and resources for trade and academic subjects commonly found in the curriculum followed by traditional schools and universities (the site is being updated 1/2/21).

Lesson Pathways

A K-5 curriculum with over 900 weekly topic units containing free educational resources found on the web.

Connections Academy

One of the most popular virtual public school programs in the US for home schooling grades K-12.


Another popular US public school free home schooling curriculum programs.


UK Home Education Resources

UK Home Education Resources to assist you in educating your child at home.

me education in the UK
Many people in the UK do not realise that British home education (known as ‘homeschooling’ in the USA) is legal, and becoming more popular all the time. Although laws in the four countries of the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) are not the same, home education is legal in all of them.

First College
First College provides an individualised high school education, in the classic British tradition, for children from 10 – 18 years. Classes are normally limited to a maximum of 15 Students.

Free Home Education UK
Free resources, websites, programs, apps, suitable for Home Educators in the UK. For categorized resources go to our Pinterest boards

Home Schooling Within the UK
Some general homeschool information about homeschooling in the UK.

Oxford Home Schooling
A division of Oxford Open Learning. For families embarking on Home Schooling GCSEs.

A progressive, co-educational, residential school, founded by A. S. Neill in 1921, where classes are optional and rules are determined by the students.


Other Helpful Resources

None of these are affiliate links- they are just some sites I have found useful in the past when teaching.

ICT Games: Maths and English games that your children can play on a tablet or computer. They cover a variety of learning objectives and are good fun.

Read, Write Inc: This scheme is written by Ruth Miskin- the Oxford Owl website has some resources to support your child's learning. The site also has a collection of downloadable ebooks that you and your child can enjoy together. The site also has some great maths resources too.

Phonics Play: This site has different sections depending on whether you are a teacher or a parent and whether or not you have subscribed. Although there are not as many resources in the parent section they are still great resources to use to support your child's learning.

Topmarks: This is full of games and resources on all subjects found in the primary curriculum. This has something for everyone.

TES: This page is mainly for teachers- it has resources made by teachers for teachers. Many of the resources you have to pay for but there are still some great free offerings on the site.

Twinkl: This site has various membership levels at different prices. The basic membership is free. The site is full of lesson plans, videos, and resources.

Storyline online: This is a great site for finding a story read by an author or famous personality. It is great reading stories to and with your children but sometimes it's nice to be able to listen alongside each other.  One of my favourites is a 'Bad Case of Stripes'

White Rose Maths: This is a popular website with most schools. The site has information and resources on how maths is being taught in many UK schools. Some of the resources are free to download and use to support your child with their school work.

Success for all: this is an American phonics, reading, and writing scheme that some UK schools use. It has a series of phonetically coded reading books for the children to read. Many of these and other resources/support are on their website If your child's school uses this scheme this will allow you to access the books. If your child's school does not use the scheme there is nothing stopping you from using them for extra practice!


PE sites- full of activity ideas to keep everyone fit and healthy!

Joe Wicks did many live PE sessions at 9am during the lockdowns. Many of these sessions can be found on youtube.

Or you could search youtube for Cosmic Kids, Yoga.


RE sites to try: