Spelling is a crucial skill for all children to master. English though it is not an easy language to master.

  • We have different ways to spell the same sound (ee, ea, e, y, ie) and they are only a few of the different ways we spell the ee as in tree sound.
  • The same letter combination can have different sounds: tough - cough, tough, though, through.

There are a multitude of ways to help your child learn their spelling words and there are a number of online resources out there. One such resource is Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN)



Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN) is an online spelling bee training platform catering to people of all ages. It is one of the finest EdTech platforms out there and possibly the best platform dedicated to spelling bee enthusiasts. Here is why SBN is the best option for you to start your spelling bee training. Easy to use The Spelling Bee Ninja App is a simple child-friendly web-tool built and deployed by Spelling Bee Ninja. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and master.  The platform has been built in the simplest way possible. The application is designed to be easily used by children, parents as well as teachers.

They have spelling lists for all years up to year 8 and there are plenty of games and activities to help with spelling (just be aware that it is an American site- so will obviously use American English spellings of some words). However, it is still a useful resource, and the fact it is American English could be a great learning point for those words that are spelled differently in English.

Spelling Bee Ninja provides a search engine; a precious tool to build spelling lists and get information for every English word. The aim of the search engine is to provide users with spelling bee-related information and insights on every single English word. The lists of words in the program can be named, saved, and used for studying and spelling tests. The lists can be printed, shared with classmates, and embedded on websites- making the resource extremely versatile.