The Ultimate Guide to the 11+


The Ultimate Guide to the 11+.

Over 40 pages of information, hints, and tips. The booklet is the result of weeks of research and fact-finding. Includes bonus free gift- guidance on solving verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions.

  • It includes information on the different papers and exam boards.
  • The lowdown on the different 11+ areas and the different exams.
  • Outlines of what to expect in each paper. Similarities and differences between papers and boards.
  • Over 21 pages of guidance on how to solve the verbal and non-verbal exam questions. (Free gift)
  • Hints and Tips on the type of literature that you can expect in the English reading paper.
  • List of some of the extracts used in previous papers to give you an idea of what might be included.
  • An example PETAL paragraph to help with the more in-depth comprehension question that is always included!
  • My 11+ 12 Month Checklist
  • Helpful tips to avoid overwhelm and burnout- how to look after your’s and your child’s mental wellbeing.
  • Information on how to register your child for the 11+.





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