Many of the websites and resources regarding homeschool tend to be based on American-style education systems, this is because homeschool has always been very popular in the USA. However, it is gaining in popularity here in the UK. The recent pandemic has also led to more parents looking at alternative education methods. Home education is not for everyone just as a school might be ok for one of your children but not the other. The main considerations in choosing a school or home education etc needs to be your child and how they learn. To home educate you do not need to be a teacher, your child will learn just as much or more than in school, they will make friends and there are plenty of support groups for both you and your child.

This page has lots of links to homeschool groups across the UK- these offer support, resources, ideas and just somewhere to chat. Many of them get together and organise events. Find your local area network and see what they have to offer.

UK Online Homeschool Groups & Social Networks

Social Networks

Autonomous Education UK
This group is for those who use an autonomous style of education and would like somewhere to chat, get advice and chill out. Yahoo Group.

Black and Other UK Home e-Educators
This site is for families to discuss education and to share ideas about black, mixed-race and other children outside school in the UK.

Catholic Homeschool UK
Roman Catholic group of homeschooling families in the UK who meet for friendship, discussion of home education in general and issues relating to teaching the Catholic faith in particular.

Education Otherwise
A Facebook Group for members of Education Otherwise to have a chat and receive up-to-the-minute information on all matters relating to home education in the UK.

A gsupport network for parents who educate their children with special needs/disabilities at home.

The Home Education Network UK
A Facebook group for Home Educators to join and chat with home educators far and wide.

Home education support for all UK
A group for home educators to discuss issues and offer support in a non judgmental and open way. This group is open to all genuine home educators regardless of their Job, background or any other factors.

Home Education UK
A Facebook group linking and helping those seriously considering the prospect of home schooling and those families who already homeschool.  Introduce yourself and add your story to the community or float in the background … it is up to you. 🙂

Home Education UK Members Area
The oldest and most established home education website in the United Kingdom and the home of the journal “Home Education”.

MEP Homeschoolers
This is a support group for home schooling families using the MEP Math curriculum, Mathematics Enhancement Programme developed by the CIMT – Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, University of Plymouth, UK.

UK Home Education group
This is a group for people home educating or considering home educating their children in the UK. It encourages the sharing of stories and resources, asking for support, discussions on LA’s, plus general home ed.

UK Home Education Swapping Adventures
You can post your ideas for swaps, questions, photos and links straight to the wall. You can organise group swaps, or smaller individual swaps – Make sure you are able to fully take part in the swap before agreeing to anything.

UK Muslim Home Educators 2001
A forum founded in 2001 where muslim home educators in the U.K. can support each other and discuss all the issues connected to home ed.

UK Steiner / Waldorf Home education
We are home educating following Steiner pedagogy. Message admin if you wish to join.

Home Education Support Groups

UK support groups can help you find others who home educate in the United Kingdom so you can have fun and make new friends.

UK London Home Education Groups

Bath Home Education

Brighton & Hove Home Educators


EO Northumberland

Fareham and Gosport Education At Home

Forest Row home educators

Gloucestershire Home Education

Hastings Home Education Hedge

(Southwest) Home Education Centre

Home education East Sussex

Home education West Sussex

Home Education Exeter

Home Education Norfolk

Home Educators in Wiltshire

Home educators High Wycombe

Jersey Home Education Group

South Devon Home Education

Worcestershire Home Education Group


Education Otherwise

Home Educating children with special educational needs in the UK

Home Education Advisory Service

Home Education UK
A really fun site with lots of activities to join: mail lists, quizzes, and loads of homeschooling information, including UK laws concerning compulsory education.

Home Education in the UK
Information, articles about all aspects of home education in the UK, advice for general parenting, ideas for getting started in home education, and links to useful resources organised by subject.

Legal Information

Home education
In England and Wales the law is very helpful to parents who wish to home educate.  So long as you follow the guideline that your child is receiving “efficient full time education suitable a) to his age, ability and aptitude, and b) any special educational needs he may have,” you are free to choose the method that works best for you and your child.

You can teach your child at home, full or part-time (‘home schooling’) – but tell the school and your local council if you’re taking them out of school. As a parent, you must make sure your child receives a full-time education from the age of 5 but you don’t have to follow the national curriculum.

Elective Home Education Guidelines for Local Authorities in England
Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children receive a suitable education. Where parents have chosen to home educate, we want the home-educated child to have a positive experience. We believe this is best achieved where parents and local authorities recognise each other's rights and responsibilities and work together.