Diary of an Overwhelmed Internet Pretender

How to start in the online business world.

Ever felt like this?

I seem to feel like this most days now. I consider myself to be relatively life savvy. I have been teaching for over 20 years. However, in my mid to late 40s I have been thinking of a change in direction!

Now there will be two contrasting views to this- some of you will think ‘Wow! How brave.’ Others will think ‘What on earth does she think she is doing?’ Well, I can tell you that I spend my life going from one camp to the other- like a yo-yo.

How did it start?

I am not sure- a bit of bad luck, less supply teaching due to the pandemic and more time at home. I had been researching other opportunities- something I could do instead of teaching, with my skill set. As I was scouring the internet for ideas that matched my skills and my interests, I came across loads of fancy webpages encouraging me to sign up to booklets or courses about making money online. Not really something that had crossed my mind. I mean, I had put a few resources on the Times Educational Resource Page, but it was hardly rocket science!

Tentative steps…

Well now we are several months on- and it has been a steep learning curve and I am nowhere near the crest. I still suffer with ‘shiny object syndrome’, the purchasing of software that promises lots but delivers not much. I have also purchased or subscribed to several programs that have helped me on my way to building a website and putting my toe into the ‘internet pool’. Now, I have not profited from my endeavours yet. However, I have learnt many new skills and am gaining in confidence (in my digital skills); I can now build a website from scratch (a2zlearning.org), I can set up an autoresponder (AWeber) and I can create sales funnels (Clickfunnels).

I am beginning to perfect email writing along with sales copy. I now know what a backlink is, how to decrease a bounce rate and how to track visitors. I am now progressing to optins, pop-ups and downloads to name but a few.

It is not an easy option.

All these sites that say earn instant passive income.

 NO! There is a lot of work involved before you can get to that stage.

It is not for the faint hearted.

I have not done this alone; several online programs have assisted- some free, some not and some better than others for what I required at the time.

  1. Six Figure Mentors– since using this program at the beginning of my journey I have seen some not very complimentary reviews. I can only say what I found- the initial video courses were great for helping me to set up a fully working webpage. The course went through all the necessary steps that I needed to consider including the legal bits and pieces. Stuart’s videos were helpful and easy to follow.

The program helped me to get my domain name and link it to my website, they helped with the content of my webpage explaining the purpose of each page and recommending the essential information I should include. The course also helped me to integrate my autoresponder (AWeber) to my webpage- so that I could automatically send out emails to my visitors.

I did not wish to follow the later stages of the program so after building my website I no longer subscribed.

  • Anthony Morrison-one of the internet biggies in affiliate marketing. Again, I have seen mixed reviews but again for what I needed his course has been a great help. Partnering with him has allowed me to learn how to make sales funnels- which help drive traffic to your offers. What is traffic? Something CRUCIAL in the life of an internet marketer- traffic is visitors to your page. Visitors are potential buyers. Without visitors you have no buyers!

Without visitors you can not create your LIST another crucial ingredient to your online success. You will often be told that the money is in the LIST. The list is basically a list of email addresses of people who have visited and signed up to your offers/webpage etc

The course talks you through building sales funnels using the Clickfunnels software (link to free trial). Sales funnels are special sites that funnel visitors through your offer pages from the initial freebie/low-cost item to upsells (higher cost items) etc.

  • Another helpful program was Legendary Marketer they offered a low-cost introductory course which helped to cement some of the ‘mindset’ required for the online environment as well as furthering my skills. The support in the short time I used the program was phenomenal. I had my own support agent with who I had scheduled zoom appointments with. Obviously, there were extra courses and systems that I could have purchased- however they were not at all pushy.
  • Now the illusive traffic… this is the trickiest of the tricky bits that I have come across so far. It is not enough to have a good website and build funnels for amazing profits. These still need people to see them (traffic) and getting traffic is easier said than done! There are ways to get free traffic and some excel at building consistent sales with it but it can take a considerable amount of time to get those buyers. The other option is buying traffic- and there are people on the internet that just sell ‘traffic’!

In the case of traffic I stumbled on my next useful course, this one is completely free, and in fact it pays you $20 to complete the initial 14 session course! The program is called Traffic Domination. Now it is still early days with this software for me- but what I have seen so far has really helped me to understand some crucial steps towards getting the illusive traffic to visit my site and pages.

What do you need?

This is not straightforward it depends on what you wish to achieve. If you wish to just sell affiliate products, then you will need a funnel builder; two of the most popular are Clickfunnels and Groove Funnels. If you want a website, you will need to get a domain and find a hosting platform such as Namecheap. Most hosting platforms will help you to build your website using WordPress or something similar.

To help you with your ‘traffic’ you are best to get an autoresponder, again there are lots on the market, such as AWeber or Getresponse. This software helps to automate emails and build your ‘list’.  If you then want to track your links a software such as Build Redirects might be helpful.

Conquered all that…. Now it’s all about getting more traffic and conversions (people subscribing/buying) and a whole package of new skills.

My final thoughts for now:

Thinking of setting up an income stream on the internet? Do not think it will be easy. There will be easier bits but there will be a lot to learn! It needs a lot of time, particularly in the early days.

Regarding programs- reviews are helpful (although I did not read them, prior to using the programs) but it depends on what you want to achieve. All the programs I have ‘dipped into’, have each added valuable resources/knowledge to my online education.  

My one piece of advice:

Patience: When I began, I had no idea what I was doing I literally had to read instructions step by step to create and edit my webpage. Today I do it without thinking. This will not be a short sprint but a marathon. So get the refreshments and enjoy the journey.

This is where I will end for this instalment. I wonder what the next few weeks and months will bring? Who knows?

…Best of luck with your online endeavours.

(Most of the links are affiliate- meaning I earn a small commission at NO extra cost to yourself)

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