The flagship course, Becoming A Proofreader, provides students with everything they need to start a flexible new career working from anywhere as a professional proofreader. The course includes fifteen content-packed modules, including quizzes and real-life practice proofreading exercises to maximize learning. Unlike other proofreading courses, the academy offers guaranteed work as a freelance proofreader for everyone who passes the course with a distinction grade!

Affiliate marketing is growing. It is big business online. However, it is not straightforward. Most people only make a little money:

  • it could be because the wrong product was chosen to advertise.
  • on average it takes 200 visitors to get a sale.
  • difficult to get traffic to your offers- often have to pay for it (traffic= visitors and possibly buyers).
  • low payouts.
  • need to do lots of testing of affiliate offers.
  • takes a while to get paid.
  • high refunds.
  • very competitive.
  • need to be in a niche market to become trusted by your audience.


Just starting out in affiliate marketing? This is a popular program to have a look at Partner with Anthony (PWA).

The best part of the system is that you not only learn how to make money online but also that you partner with Anthony himself.

It is a complete affiliate eco-system designed for beginners who are looking for ways to start making and generating money online. Once you sign up you get access to the Morrison Education Portal where you can find out about other courses and resources.

The program consists of 30 modules that go through each step to making an online business from using pre-made funnels to making your own, from getting traffic to creating an email list. Each step of the way Anthony explains the step in detail, along with a video demonstration/lesson.

This is a great program for:

  • beginners
  • people who’d like to make a passive income
  • people who’d like to create a second income
  • people who’d like to leave the 9-5 pm rat race
  • aspiring entrepreneurs
  • those wishing to create high-value email lists
  • those wishing to sell high ticket products

Following the SFM training will allow you to gain some invaluable skills particularly around building your own website. This is explained and demonstrated in easy-to-follow lessons. This initial training is very effective and fit for purpose.

The program then teaches members the skill-set to either learn how to become an affiliate marketer, by promoting other people’s products; or learn how to sell their own products.

Reviews online about SFM are mixed, and to complete all the different levels of the program would be very expensive. The program encourages affiliates to promote SFM and this in my opinion is quite tough for a new affiliate, a more experienced affiliate would be better positioned to market the program and gain the high rewards on offer.

However, this program does show you very quickly how to become an affiliate marketer and how to build a simple and effective website.

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