Learning for Life: Education and Work Ideas for Teachers and Parents  

Calling all teachers and parents.

Welcome to the one-stop learning site for adults and children alike.

The pandemic has changed how we educate our children. The effect of it will last a long time. It is likely that some of the changes will stay. As a Primary School teacher and parent I know the difficulties of working and supporting my children. I hope that this site will share some of my insights, ideas, resources and places to visit. Education is far more than books and essays and should be more holistic:

How better to learn about the role of the Air Force in WWI than visiting the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight or the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage? If learning about the Civil War, how better to bring it to life than a visit to the National Civil War Centre, Newark? There are so many great resources throughout the UK that can support your child's learning.

I aim to gather together things I have used at home, when tutoring or teaching at schools. I want this to be a 'one-stop site' to support parents and teachers when homeschooling or supporting their child's schoolwork. As well as a place for teachers to find ideas and support.

In addition, I hope to offer support to parents who have enjoyed their time at home and wish to look at learning new skills too! Sign up below for our newsletters, thanks.